A Moment of Life&Serenity

We long for days when traveling was easy. We all need a place and a moment to breathe.

Each week I will be offering an image of sweet moments of daily life in my years in Italy.

Purchase one or a series to print and put on your wall or on your screen...to help bring you a moment of Life&Serenity.

Images are 1 for $50 or 3 for $90. Email to place your order.

Sunset Relief

Sacred Beauty

Art is a dance with the Creator. Whether holding a paintbrush or a camera, creating is an expression of God through us. When I begin I don't really know what wants to be expressed and often times I marvel at the end result because I know that I did not create it but rather it was created through me.

Open yourself up to what wants to create through you...put up a canvas, get some paints, put on some music, pick up a paintbrush and let it flow. Or a camera and go look at life with a new lens!

All of the paintings  are available for purchase as prints. Some of the original paintings are available as well, email for more information.

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