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I'm there for YOU...
Let's be there for EACH OTHER

"Listening to what your Life wants to create"

Inner Circle

Your life is a series of circles spiraling deeper inward to the truth of Love within you. You may find yourself circling around the same issues just when you thought you had mastered life. It is because something in you wants to show you the path to true love that exists within you. You are on a journey Home to the core of your being. You are not alone.  

-Cynthia Sofia

Inner Circle sessions are a coming together of souls seeking to be known, heard, and understood. Souls who want a connection with a community that goes a little deeper (has a little more fun!), and creates bonds of connection. Bonds that are intentional, healing and essential for health. Create a trusted Inner Circle for yourself. Learn some of the deeper truths of your life and open yourself up to the joy and freedom that are your birthright. This only happens in connection between a loving and ever present Higher Power and your highest self and with other people. Inner Circle helps facilitate that connection. Sessions are ongoing and last eight weeks. After an eight week session there is a break before a new session begins at which time you can choose to continue coming to sessions. They are informal and are not a "class", rather a gathering. Each session is led by Cynthia and is centered around conversations, intuitive guidance and experiential exercises in meditation, creativity, nature and movement. 

New Sessions beginning
September 2024
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