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Assets not Defects

Think about this: How much time do you spend thinking about your own perceived defects? Are you critical of yourself? Of others? Of life?

It is good and right to take a true inventory of ourselves. To be honest about what is not working for us. But also what is right and good about us.

We spend so much time criticizing and comparing and trying to change and “work on” our lives and our very own selves. We neglect to see the beauty of who we are.

Therefore we do the same to the people and life around us. How many times are we ill at ease with people and situations? We are focusing on defects, perceived or real.

Well, we all have them. There’s the rub. We are not God. That’s the only perfect being. Yet we all tend to want that from ourselves and others.

But what if the way to righting life was to think about things that are good and true? Beginning with ourselves.

I can look for, search out and then focus on the positive qualities within myself. I can grow those things. And then surely what wasn’t working will automatically work itself out. I don’t need to “work on it”, focus on it, bring it more and more importance.

All I need to do is begin to appreciate and focus on and develop the good things in my self. And in my life. And look for what is right in everyone else.

Because I tell you it’s all there. You just have to look with Light and not darkness. Darkness is negativity. And this is not just pop psychology positive thinking.

It truly is the only thing that “works”. And then guess what? We actually begin to enjoy ourselves, our lives, other people. Wow! What we were hoping for all the time when we were “working on ourselves”.

There are good things about you, I promise. And give yourself a break…all of those “defects” are actually just coping mechanisms gone awry. Focus on the positive, your assets and the ship will right. You will feel the Light growing within you and your Life.

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