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Beautiful Power

Women. Women are the givers of life and yet, they are the most mistreated members of our societies.

Women care and love and nurture. Without women there is no family.

Do we hate care and love and nurture? Do we hate family? Or is it just a way for people to feel strong?

If a woman is dominated, physically or emotionally, does that make the dominator strong? Or does he do it because he know he's physically stronger than she, and uses this intimidation and therefore there's really no special quality or victory to his strength?

Do we want a world dominated by fear?

Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear constricts and inflicts and makes small. Love expands and heals and enlivens and enlarges people.

Are we afraid of this? Are we afraid of enlarging someone else and that's why instead we choose to try and make them small? Is our seemingly large self then true? I believe that only strength made by love is truly strong. Strength made by fear, intimidation, domination or selfishness is just weakness in disguise.

Why then are women, worldwide, quite mistreated, in large numbers and most often behind closed doors? What is the root of it? Why are women in India, for example, killed at birth or aborted, burnt with acid, raped, beaten, treated like slaves and property? Is it the loveliness and weaker nature in themselves that the perpetrators of this violence hate? Do they hate the strength in the women they hurt because they feel weak themselves?

But it's not just India or other countries. It's in our own countries, in our own homes. Men, males are celebrated. Girls, women are tolerated or played with. They are the objects of the world. From youth they are something to be looked at, not seen.

Each girl, each woman, is a special creation of God, His final and most complex act of creation. She is not an object. She is not a curse, nor a burden. She is a gift. Why, in so many ways is she not seen so? Why is her unique, interior self not seen and celebrated?

The world has so much to be given by the female. Do we not want it in our world? Beauty, softness, gentleness, love, caring and creativity? Do we really want brute strength and power?

Perhaps it is because many a male's vision of the world seems to be so focused on strength, power and war that perhaps he imagines a woman's world must be so as well. He sees the lovely truth in women and therefore becomes afraid that it will have power over him and he must put it down, make it small.

But women don't see the world this way. If we want power we see it for equality, joining. If we want strength, it's strength to love, not dominate. If we want a voice to be heard, it's for righteousness, not commanding. We are wired and made this way. We are not like men and so men have really nothing to fear. Only...they cannot see because their world says "only power".

They cannot see that when women speak up for empowerment and equal rights and just laws and against violence; it's only because we don't want to be hurt or dominated or violated or feel bad anymore. It's because we want peace and fairness and righteousness. It's not because we want power over something or someone.

Women don't want to dominate the world. We want to be with loving, respectful men, truly powerful men. We want to love and be loved in the world. We want our own unique selves to be able to shine, like stars in the sky, and give, everything that God created in us; and we want that for everyone else too, without any of us being hurt.

That's all. There's no need for fear.

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