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Becoming A Part

As I was taking some time to connect my body, my breath and my mind, moving in yoga poses, I saw through the front window a calico cat. It was playing and sitting, basically being a cat. Its mottled brown and honey colored coat was made more alive with a morning crisp sun warming it and making it shine. He was gazing across the lawn at nothing. Just being. I watched him as I moved and breathed. I too became just a breathing, gazing being. And as I sank down into my body and my breath and heart, my mind became a pure crystal lake and knowing came through into my consciousness.

For but a brief moment I knew that we, the cat and I, were part of something whole. We were both expressions of this something whole. We were both alive and beautiful. And both need do nothing but breathe and be and move with the flow of that something whole that is alive in both of us.

I realized I am a part of this earth, this creation, just like the cat. I am not separate from it. I am not my own creation. I felt I belonged, to this kingdom/queendom. Just a brilliant, still, being — alive. I am but a human expression as the cat is a feline expression, just a humble part of this great wholeness. I am a part of this world; not above it, not apart from it — just a tiny fraction of an amazing whole creation.

I can feel my presence, the aliveness in my own heart, breathe, and be a part of this creation…and smile, softly, knowingly.

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