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False Evidence

I have heard fear described as

F- False

E- Evidence

A- Appearing

R- Real

False evidence appearing real. It is like the boogey man at night or the monster under the bed. It appears so real to us that is scares us silly. We have to have our parents come and switch on the lights and show us in the closet and under the bed that there was nothing there to be scared of. There was false evidence in our heads that made something appear real. We then need our parents to hug us, make us feel safe and not alone. Until we can ease back into trusting that we are ok and we can fall back asleep.

As we grow up those scary thoughts turn to many other things in life. And when we feel scared we hold on tight. We are so scared that something is going to go wrong or is not going right that we grab the wheel until our knuckles turn white.

And we come across a bump or a noise in life’s journey we jerk the wheel and throw ourselves off course. We forget that we are not in control of life. But we also forget that life is for us and not against us.

We see things that “go wrong” or seem “not right” and we start to fight. We don’t realize that we are not above all of these things in life and can’t see the whole big picture. We don’t trust in the Love that is always for us. Even when things don’t seem to be right.

We always have God as our resource and can trust in God meeting all of our needs.

This is the exact opposite of fear. But yet we don’t seem to believe it’s real. Just because we can’t see it.

But that’s why it’s called faith. If we could see everything we wouldn’t need it. Trust comes in the heart. Fear comes in the head.

Trust is quiet and steady. Fear screams.

When we believe all of the things that our head is saying about us, our situation, the world, others, then all we hear is the screaming of false evidence appearing real. And it does seem SO real.

But in the end they are just things that are passing. Or are probably not even as they seem, it just appears that way.

So, can you go in your heart and say, “I believe. I trust in You. I give you my life and my hold on the steering wheel and all of the screaming in my head. Help me.” And let go, believing that God will take the wheel.

God, creator of all that has ever existed in 13 billion years. God that is love. Unconditional love. It is not based upon your merit or your behavior. You are accepted. Just let yourself be loved. You will be guided into all right paths, given rest, provided all your needs. You will be called upon to do what is yours to do. Believe.

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