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Peace is our Birthright

Peace is our birthright. Joy, happiness, ease, playfulness, beauty, serenity. These are all of our birthrights too. When we are not in this state it is because we are out of alignment. We let all of the voices and thoughts and devices of this world interfere with the reception of the Light of God.

How can we know this?

If we venture out to read the book of Wisdom, of reality, found in nature, all of creation, then we’ll see.

If we look to babies, animals, trees, sky, oceans and all of creation we will see these qualities. These are the parts of creation who don’t have the dis-ease that we all generate thinking. Thinking that we are somehow in charge. That we have all knowledge. That we need to know more and do more and have more and be more.

Babies, horses, dogs, cats, trees, bees, flowers, have the breath of Life in them as we do. Yet they just are, exactly as they are. And in them we can feel beauty, joy, purity, blessings, play, love, stillness, being-ness.

What we forget is that we are not apart or separate in some way. We are actually a part of the same creation. We actually are made in the same way from the breath of Life. But we get in our own way.

And when we do that we run headlong into obstacles to serenity. It has been said, “We think therefore we are.” But what I think is actually true about that, is that what we are thinking about is creating what we are. When we are thinking stressful, anxious, worrying, fearful, sad, angry, lacking, hateful, negative thoughts we create a world like that. We become like that.

But when we look at all the rest of life we don’t see that.

We can either stay on devices and in our heads and tv shows and even books some times. Always trying, striving, judging, wanting, and find ourselves in angst.

Or we can be with trees, water, grass, bees, flowers, children, sunrise, sunset, clouds, and our breath. We CAN take time each day to recharge and reorient and receive this Truth and Light. We can feed our mind thoughts of joy, gratitude. We can just be and watch what unfolds and do only what is really ours to do.

And we will find peace. Our birthright.

Your voice is your voice, your true persona is a resounding of some very particular attributes of God that are wanting to be heard on this earth. Let it be. You are beautiful and perfect as you are. Let it be heard.

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