Are you ready to touch, see, hear and taste the beauty of Life? To escape for a moment and get in touch with your truest Self? Then join us for an amazing week-long retreat on the Amalfi Coast of Italy

of FEELING FULLY ALIVE again, re-discovering your intuition and

remembering what it feels like to FLOURISH as a BEAUTIFUL woman



October 7-14, 2017






Has this been showing up in your life?

(and mine too)?

You end up running around too much, holding back from what you know you could be good at,

feeling unsure of what to do,

OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING! Managing and controlling...?


What would you give to find more satisfaction in your life?

To Know what you REALLY want?

To feel liberated and free? 

To have more love and intimacy in your life?


And sometimes you're not expressing your true feelings.

You're trying to do the right thing by...

  • trying to make everyone else happy

  • trying to be acceptable

  • trying to protect yourself

  • trying to be "strong and independent"

  • trying to do a good job and succeed

  • trying to get someone to just love you better...

Sound familiar?

I get it, I've been there...

A quiet voice that wonders, "So, this is it huh?" A little part of you just keeps feeling like maybe there's something more

(even though you have everything...).

Or sometimes it seems like your feelings are contained in a box.

Or your heart was hurt and somewhere along the way it seems you lost a part of yourself.


But now...

You want to feel your feelings, listen to your intuition and know what you really want! You’re ready now to thrive, and stop letting fear hold you back.

You're ready 

Want to know how to...

How to let go and just be in the moment and in your body.


Trust yourself AND manage fear.

Live the essence of your true self AND find your happiness.


Receive and be love instead of always giving or trying to get it.

Be feminine and flourish!

Let that man you desire (and are maybe even afraid to admit it) love you.

I realized I can be open to change and it can be unstructured. I don’t have to control it. I can enjoy my new life without fear. I can just go with the flow, be myself, be playful and open to new adventures without letting the past control my future.

Cynthia and I connected on a deep level and she coached me to welcome my feelings of adventure and reassured me I am good enough as I am!

It’s like you find peace with yourself and with the whole world.

 I felt safe and able to let some things go. Cynthia was a calm, kind and effective guide to keep me focused when I was being resistant to releasing the emotions.

I appreciated how present she was with me.


The women quoted above have experienced the lightness and steadiness of heart that comes from releasing old stories. They had breakthroughs through a connection with nature. Through slowing down and connecting to themselves, wisdom came through, their own truths and healing. Facilitated and mirrored by the amazing sensibility of horses in a truly special and gentle type of experience called Equus Coaching (Life Coaching+Horses).


That’s why I’ve designed this special retreat where for an entire week, you can slow down, vacate your life, get in sync with nature and answer the question,

Am I connected to my Self?”  


Imagine the smell of sea air and a gentle breeze in your hair. Your eyes are filled with the golden light of Italy, depicted in masterpieces throughout the ages. 

You've rested and restored your mind and soul having  just spent the day walking along a scenic mountaintop.


You smile as you settle into yourself and give a little giggle at the amazing fact that you're here! The Amalfi Coast of Italy...

(feels like living in a postcard!)

Southern Italy is the PERFECT place to spend

7 days and nights reconnecting

your soul and your body!


Have you forgotten what pleasure feels like?

We'll spend a week remedying that!

Did you forget you have a body?

Everybody has a body here's la dolce vita, the sweet life!

It's all about pleasure through your senses...

Do you have no idea sometimes how to just trust and be yourself.

KNOWING that you’re safe?

Well, we've got some sweet equine friends who will fix you right up!

So why should YOU join us!

It's simple really...the Amalfi Coast of Italy (the majestic one we'll be experiencing, as a local..away from the throngs of tourists) is the perfect place to experience transformation.

We need love, support, connection. We need animals, nature and beauty to reconnect us to our true nature.


With nature, beauty and sensuality transformation it’s centered in the body; which offers greater depths of knowing and trusting ourselves.


Reconnection between the body and the soul. It’s the difference between knowing and experiencing.


And feeling Love again.

My body is tingling...sign me up!

The Amalfi Coast, the Sorrentine Penisula and the Island of Capri are known internationally as one of the most beautiful areas on earth.

Immerse yourself in its magic and beauty in a way that takes your breath away....but then gives your breath back to you. CLEANSED, REFRESHED, RENEWED.

We will take walks through scenery high above the crowds where you can touch the majesty of this earth. Swim in the cerulean sea so blue and buoyant you can just float your cares away.

Our body can only tell us the truth. And when we learn to tune into it, it will carry us home to our true selves!

Come steal away with me and feel your feet on the ground, reaching deep into the earth, the sensuality of your femininity and the power in your being.

Retreat Highlights

  • Secluded Location on the Amalfi Coast of Italy

  • Outings lived as a local not as a tourist

  • Personalized Support Coaching

  • Daily Group Coaching

  • Nature walks

  • Private boat trips

  • Access to Equus Coaching

  • Access to Daily Yoga and Meditation Moments

  • A week among interesting people that will be FUN and transformative

  • Time to rest, retreat, and learn to love ALL of life again

  • Daily DELIGHTFUL experiences to engage all of your senses

  • Luxury villa with YOUR OWN private room and bathroom

  • Private swimming pool

  • Private chef and delicious, decadent yet healthy meals

  • Private driver and walking guide

  • Small Group Size of no more than 4 women

  • Added bonuses (see below)

  • And daily SURPRISES just to spoil you!!


  • ONLINE Creativity and the Spirit photography training to awaken your creative soul, get you tuned in to the world around you and get you ready to make AWESOME photos during the retreat

  • 3 months of individual bi-weekly follow up personal coaching by phone to help you REALIZE THE BREAKTHROUGHS you will experience during our time in Italy

You will gain...

  • A sense of empowerment viscerally learned in your body

  • An ability to truly know and trust yourself through your body

  • A sense of being grounded and centered in yourself that lets you love

  • An ability to choose and act on what you really want and who you really are

  • A return to connection to your body

  • A releasing of the past

  • A sense of serenity and steadiness

  • Helpful intuitive information that helps you understand your own emotions

  • A reconnection to the natural world

  • An ability to be calm and slow down

  • A sense of true leadership

  • An opportunity to feel in love with life again

  • An amazing herd of like minded women who've "got your back"

  • Follow up support to carry home with you

  • A chance to laugh and feel happy

Our Beautiful Home (at least for this week...)

Our luxury villa is a gem in the architectural world of southern Italy. Built in the 60s its design features circular spaces and open spaces and is still featured in architectural magazines today. 

Accommodations feature private room and private bath.

An outdoor dining area.

Our own private swimming pool...

the perfect place for a relaxing with a cold prosecco!

Ok, I can't believe it...Yes! I want to come! Sign me up now



Do I even need to talk about the food...? Italy! That's all that needs to be said...the birth place of all deeply satisfying culinary delights!

Giusy, our private chef, will be satisfying us every day with healthy, decadent, delicious homemade dishes made from local vegetables, fish caught from the sea just minutes from our villa, and of course we will finish it off with Italian vino!

Your registration includes:

Coaching and lots of other sense based experiences led by Cynthia Romano
Private accommodations in a luxurious villa for 8 days/7 nights
Three meals a day of delicious and healthy Italian food plus beverages (including house wines).
Daily coaching sessions, both group and one-on-one coaching

2 Equus coaching sessions

Daily deep dive writing prompts for private reflection.

7-week on-ramp Creativity and the Spirit Photography Course 

3 monthly follow up individual life coaching calls

3 monthly follow up check-in email coaching

12 weeks of post-retreat Creative Cluster calls

Daily yoga and meditation

Sightseeing and nature excursions on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrentine Penisula and Capri.

All transportation - car and boat!
An experience of the sensual pleasure, connection to nature and a chance to know the majestic coast of southern Italy better than a local.

*Please Note: Air Travel to and from Naples, Italy airport and gratuities for staff are not included in the registration fee.

Plus...Bonus Items!

  • Reading List of books hand-picked mostly by Cynthia

  • Soundtrack to accompany you on your journey

  • Travel Pack of goodies for healthy transatlantic travel gleaned through YEARS of experience

  • Daily Photo and Poem of the Amalfi Coast to get you in the groove (Pre and Post Retreat)


(just because I like to spoil you with the trip of a lifetime)