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Retreat into LIFE

Take a sacred journey...

retreat into God's Wor(l)d 

Sometimes we need to step back from our lives and into Life in order to hear the voice of God. (S)He's still speaking through what (S)He created with Wisdom. "God spoke...." all things into being and creation is still resounding with that Voice. It is a still small voice and sometimes we need to be silent in the sacred quiet of nature in order to better hear it.

Go back to when there was no "right" or "wrong", no knowledge, just Wisdom. Create with the Creator, you are a part of Creation.  

Retreat is centered on God, in the heart of God. Come sit in the heart of God. This is where we find tranquility and serenity. This is the invitation to retreat.


"One of the primary ways we show we love and value the people in our lives is by giving them time, a certain quality (and sometimes even a quantity) of time characterized by giving them our full and undivided attention. This is what retreat is, where God is concerned; it is one way we cultivate our love for God and keep our relationship with God primary. It is an opportunity to remember and to live what we often forget - that we belong to God differently than we belong to anyone. Retreat helps us to keep the ultimate reality of our lives ultimate."  - Ruth Haley Barton


Pick the retreat that speaks to you or come back for all three. They are all ways to shed the outer and let the inner truth be known.

Calm Sea

Nature &


October 1-8, 2022

Southern Italy



Boat trips, sensory swims, farm visit, tastings -, wine, herbs, sweets

Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Sculpture Artist

Creativity &


Marble sculpture




Coming 2022 Tinos, Greece

Rock Maze

Serenity & Expression

Chapels (practice sitting in places of high vibration)

Meditation Walking 

Writing  expression

Sunrise meditation

Jin Shin Jyutsu self care 

Pranayama = breath work

Spirit? How do we sense spirit?


Coming 2022 Tinos, Greece

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