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Nature and Sensuality

Sept. 27 - Oct. 7 2023 /  AMALFI COAST, ITALY

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A message from Cynthia 

This fall I am again inviting a select group of women to join me in my adopted land, the Amalfi Coast, where since 1995 I have returned over and over again, always growing as a woman.

I know that, as women, we sometimes need to just lavish our senses with beauty. I believe this is why so many of us are drawn to Italy. We want to soak in sensory pleasure and bring back the juiciness into our lives.

I have found that time away has always allowed me to encounter myself, my desires, my gifts, and my Higher Power in deep and beautiful ways.


I have also found that the wisdom I knew instinctively as a child is my truth. Spending time in the beauty of nature, being with the sensations of my body and its connection to the world around me, are the most satisfying ways to experience what it means to just be myself. And as one of my wise teachers says, “When we are ourselves we are in harmony with everything.”

I invite you to join me for a short time of doing just this - silent hikes, sensory swims, tempting tastings, and more.

Thank you from my heart to yours.

PS- Watch the short video below for a taste of Nature & Sensuality, click the button to Learn More about me, and follow me on social media for more updates and inspiration.

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A Women's Wellness Retreat | With Cynthia  

Watch those clouds roll away and feel like a new woman full of life, faith and inspiration thanks to the miracle of a week in paradise. A precious time to feel in touch and in tune, in connection with your destiny.


What do I do? And how is this retreat different from others?


I gather. I craft and curate. Experiences. Experience is defined as an event that leaves an impression on someone. I think about what impression it leaves on you. What does it impress into your body?


I’m not copying someone else’s itinerary or reading a guidebook. I’ve lived on the Amalfi Coast for more than twenty years and I’m gathering all of the things that I LOVE most about southern Italy. Things that created special unforgettable experiences because of my body experiencing them. That body impression fed life into my soul. The people, the quality, the best tasting, most authentic, most local, the most precious and special places and things, like a treasure. All of the jewels I picked up along my way to adorn myself with all over my body. Experiences that brought light to my eyes. Made them shine!


Places and people with high energy and good vibes. Best times to go. All of the things I did with my freedom. All of the gifts I gathered on the journey. Experiencing beauty and pleasure, freedom and wonder, are all very healing and most importantly, satisfying! They fill me up! 


Nature & Sensuality means delighting all of the senses of your body with the abundant gifts of nature.


Women feel beautiful, relaxed, happy, dare I say joyful, and free after a week with me. That's getting the message from the wild and free - touch your true nature in nature. But I mean luxurious nature. Pampering nature, freeing, delighting, sumptuous nature. Joyful nature that gets you to engage with it and has its way with you. It’s like a perfect breeze blows over and through you and takes all of the heaviness with it, leaving you luminous.


We spend so much investing on beauty from the outside in this American culture. We buy and buy and buy yet never feel fulfilled. We come home with bags and bags of stuff. Especially stuff to make us look good on the outside. We invest in all these things and get so little return on them. It’s like a gaping hole that never gets filled or satisfied, no matter how much we buy. It’s because our soul is hungry and we are not investing in the things that feed it. Feed it with things it truly loves and it starts to shine from the inside out. Looking good on the outside just comes from that inner glow of feeling full and satisfied on the inside.


I’ve traveled all over the world alone. Traveling alone is profound and has its place; but really, what I believe we all want, is someone to share it with. Someone who will really know what it feels like and not just what our posts on instagram look like. That’s why it’s so lovely to experience this experience alongside others who are also experiencing it! They know what it feels like! That’s one of the reason I call this Cynthia+Friends. Everything is better when experienced together. Plus, all of our collaborators have become my friends and without them it wouldn’t be so very special.


We say we are going on a retreat but we are actually coming on retreat. We are coming away from the world of everyday life, retreating from the ordinary, leaving it behind and entering into the extraordinary world. And into the extraordinary within ourselves. And I promise it is there. It’s just usually covered up by the ordinary. Relax, release, let it go and let it sink into the Earth. It will be replaced with and fed by Her beauty.


This is a trip to experience, immerse, dive deep down into, stay in one center, and move out. And come back in from there. Move out into an experience, come back in and digest it. Moving out and coming back in. Going out and absorbing, experiencing, coming back home to our hotel and resting and letting it feed you.


Not just eating at or seeing all the tourist traps. This is not the typical trip to Italy where I’m checking off my list and telling others “We did a place.” Nope. This is being in a place. Knowing where to really go, what to really eat, what time to really experience it, going under the wave of tourists and exploring and experiencing the deeper real beauty underneath. Touching the earth through walks and foraging, food through special tastings, the sea while swimming from our own luxurious boat in hidden crystal blue coves, letting it all just melt away and be absorbed by nature and replaced with what only She can give.


Feel beautiful, happy, joyous and free, be beautiful from the inside out. Delight in pleasure, have someone else take care of ALL the details so you can relax and enjoy. And NOT “work” on yourself. This is about releasing the work, let go, receive, receive, receive, enjoy, be pleasured. Get connected, to the earth, your own true nature inside and be with others, with no need to give, just sharing the enjoyment. Having true, unADULTerated FUN! Playing like a mermaid in the beautiful sea!


The only way you know pleasure is through your body. You have to feel it on your skin, see it through your eyes, taste it on your tongue, inhale it with your nose and hear it with your own ears. Luxuriate your senses, impress pleasure into your body with these experiences.






9 nights double accommodation in a luxury hotel with a pool. Breakfast and lunch or dinner

prepared for us, by us, or in a great trattoria.

What's included?


Plenty of special moments and surprises to help you to tune in to your free and feminine energy, a serene state - calm, aware of yourself, aware of your environment, and trusting of yourself. And even your own optional goddess photo shoot!



Living better than a local with daily excursions on land and sea to awe-inspiring locations. Morning moments of self-care with breathing and meditation.

Daily yoga with time to rest, retreat, write and love life.

You will gain








A sense of empowerment that comes from viscerally learning in your body how to truly know and trust yourself

A sense of being grounded and centered that lets you love more freely and act on what you really want

A return to connection with your body and the natural world that allows you to be calm, serene and steady

An amazing herd of like minded women who've "got your back"

A releasing of the past and intuitive insights that help you understand your own emotions and take inspired action

A taste of ecstasy that will make you say never again and empower you to start believing in a sweet life that leads you to true leadership

An opportunity to feel in love with life again

Devotion to laughing, feeling happy and being grateful

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Wake up to...

The sound of birds, the smell of sea air and a gentle breeze in your hair. Your eyes are filled with the golden light of Italy, depicted in masterpieces throughout the ages.


A refreshing morning with self-care, breathing and meditation, so you can slow down, vacate your life, get in sync with nature and answer the question,

“Am I connected to my Self?” 

Morning Field Trips...

See with the eyes of a child and feel the sensation of wonder as you marvel at the mind-boggling, jaw dropping vistas standing on top of the world with only sea and sky. We will discover the hidden and little known spots of the world renowned Amalfi Coast and the Island of Capri. We will take walks through exhilarating scenery high above the crowds where you can touch the majesty of this earth. Swim in the crystal clear sea so blue and buoyant you can float your cares away. You’ll feel radiant, glowing, vibrant and new.

Afternoon into Night...

Refresh and restore yourself with a long beneficial rest and time to write and reflect. Awaken with renewed energy ready for breakthroughs and better clarity. Delight in dinner with laughter and lively discussion, you’ll be poised to crack open the prosecco and get excited about the fulfillment of your mission. Our evening will close with relaxing meditation giving you the ability to be calm and serene for a night of nourishing sleep.


A relaxing hotel overlooking Sorrento and the bay of Naples. Here you will feel that you are a goddess looking out upon your queendom from Capri to Vesuvius and everything in between.

Our Hotel

Buon Appetito!

Do I even need to talk about the food...? Italy! That's all that needs to be said...the birthplace of all deeply satisfying culinary delights!

You will be satisfied every day with healthy, decadent, delicious homemade dishes made from local vegetables, fish caught from the sea just minutes from our home, and of course we will finish it off with Italian vino!

Your registration includes:

Daily decadent sense-based experiences led by Cynthia Sofia

Daily yoga
Double accommodations in a luxurious hotel for 10 days/9 nights
Breakfast plus lunch or dinner each day of delicious and healthy Italian food plus beverages (including house wines).

Daily deep dive writing prompts for private reflection.

Daily breathing and meditation

Sightseeing and nature excursions on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrentine Penisula and Capri.

All transportation - car and boat!
An experience of sensual pleasure, connection to nature and a chance to know the majestic coast of southern

Italy better than a local.

**Please Note: Air Travel to and from Naples, Italy airport and gratuities for staff are not included in the registration fee.

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In September of 2022 I had the privilege of traveling to Italy with Cynthia and her group of lovely women on our sensuality tour.  We soaked up all of the beauty and deliciousness that the Amalfi coast has to offer.  We toured a working lemon and olive farm and were served a home cooked while drinking local wine. On another day we foraged for food and cooked a fabulous lunch in Positano. Cynthia has a deep knowledge and love for Italy and helped us to feel at home while enjoying our surroundings. Our day spent on a privately charted boat near  the island of capri while sipping champagne was especially memorable.  Having Cynthia as our guide we were able to avoid “touristy” spots and enjoy Italy as only natives typically do. The trip was priced well and a great value. If you want to experience Italy like a local this is the way to do it!

- Lora S.
Author of Wounds to Wisdom


I’ll never hesitate to Travel with Cindy and Inspired Travel. She has a real art for ease and practicality. I appreciated that We didn’t waste any time switching from hotel to hotel, but landed in one beautiful spot and fanned out from there. Our trip had such a beautiful flow to it. It seemed that we did just the thing we were in the mood for each day. Shopping on day one of course! Cindy has such a beautiful calm presence. She guides without being overbearing. She listens and accommodates. She has a constant eye on making the trip special for each person. 

-Cydne W.
Energy Healer


Experiencing Italy through the lense that Cindy provided was life changing. It came at such a key time in my life where I needed to step out of the fast paced and masculine/“grind” workplace, lifestyle and country that so many of us are born into to reconnect with my feminine nature in a place (and with a leader) that really embodies this energy. She led us through the land in a week in a way that she learned to experience it over many years- slowly, with intention, and being present. We benefited from her personal connections and knowledge she’s curated over the years she lived in Italy, and it felt like we were visiting distant relatives rather than being tourists. It was so relaxing having the itinerary thoughtfully and beautifully orchestrated so that we could enter into a flow state and really experience this place. One of my favorite parts was a cooking class where we foraged for herbs and ingredients on a walk through the town, then prepared a delicious meal in an outdoor kitchen with Slow Food chefs, overlooking the breathtaking coast. This is the best way to travel and experience a new country and way of life!

- Cailyn
Former Marine, USMC


Cindy curated a series of authentic experiences to give our group a taste of the culture, landscape, history and of course, the food and wine!  She incorporated something for everyone including time to relax, sightsee and shop.  My most favorite moments were yoga at sunrise overlooking the bay and the silent walk at sunset followed by a sensory dinner by the sea.  It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Italy.  I am so grateful to Cindy for creating the experience of a lifetime.  I will cherish these memories dearly!

- Deanne A.
Financial Executive

This was such a unique and beautiful experience.  Cindy creates an environment that really encourages reconnection to our own sensuality and a deep connection to the Earthly culture of southern Italy.  It’s always magical to visit a place with someone native to it, but to have a retreat run by someone who has been immersed in that place and also grounded in where I’m from made it really special.  She speaks the language, has a community, and knows the secret, magical places. It was definitely not like anything I have done before and I would recommend this experience to anyone. 

- Kim A.
Banking Executive

Nature & Sensuality Registration:

Nature and Sensuality Retreat

September 27 - October 7, 2023

4245 euro per person double occupancy

Space is Limited to 16 participants

Registration deadline -  July 15, 2023

Please contact for confirmation prior to booking airline flights

Ready to sign up? Make your deposit below or fill out the form for more information.

Ready to register?

Claim your spot on a free informational call now by emailing Cynthia or by completing the form below

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Refund policy

If you are you ready to invest in yourself keep that commitment. No refunds due to the limited number of participants.

(Except for global situations like crazy pandemics or other such things.)

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