Disconnect. Breathe. Reconnect.

There is a shift going on in the world

and it is time for us to rise up

and be a part of it.

Release the love in you,

release the love in you.

It's time to stop all of the running around, let go of the ego and sit down to do the work that we are called to do, here and now -- bringing heaven to earth.

This work is done in stillness and quiet. It is getting vertically connected so that we can receive this Love and let it come through us down to earth.

You know that we need it. You can feel the need and you can feel that something is changing. The old ways don't work anymore. We are entering into a new era. We need to feel our way out of the dark and into the Light.

It is time to receive and open, connect and heal, ground and intuit. It is time to breathe and be free.

It is time to get in the body and on the ground. The time is now to help the head bow to the heart and be a conduit for Love in this world.

Will you join me?

"Listening to what Life wants to create."


Cynthia is a writer, artist, healer, and spiritual guide helping you

connect to your True Self and the hand of your Higher Power

"Women and men full of love, being fully themselves,

carrying healing and harmony to their world"


Hello Beloved!

I'm Cynthia.

I have been listening to Spirit and helping people to find

the deepest part of their  beautiful souls for over 25 years.

I use my God-given gifts of intuition and the ability to listen to and see things from a higher spiritual plane to help people just like you understand what their soul is calling out to create.

The world needs your gifts. It is no coincidence that you are here.


Some part of you is ready to take the hand of your deepest heart

and a Power greater than yourself that is leading you.


Your life is a series of circles spiraling deeper inward to the truth of Love within you. You may find yourself circling around the same issues just when you thought you had mastered life. It is because something in you is wanting to show you the path to true love that exists within you.


You are on a journey Home to the core of your being.  That core is Love and you are not alone

Do you want to let the love song of your soul out into this universe?

Do you want to feel connected?

You've come to the right place.

The best part for me was the sacred space that Cynthia provided for me to release some blocks in order for some things to come to the surface. I felt safe and able to let some things go. Cynthia was a calm, kind and effective guide to keep me focused when I was being resistant to releasing the emotions. She definitely followed her intuition and felt her way into the steps to guide me into some great "aha" moments.

Find yourself asking "Is this it?"

Lead from the inside with wisdom and grace


  • One hour session utilizing coaching and intuitive feedback

    70 US dollars
  • One hour and 15 min session to balance and tune energy

    85 US dollars
  • Deep dive session utilizing the wisdom of horses & nature to guide you

    495 US dollars
  • Let Your Light Be Seen

    395 US dollars


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Goddess Portraits

Touching the Surface




Clothing for the Feminine Soul


It’s like you find peace with yourself and with the whole world.