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Embody Your Feminine Essence.

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In a world that often encourages woman as an object and one that loses its value with age…


In a world where women often had to be like a man just to get by…


In a world where people pleasing, approval seeking and selfless care-taking were considered characteristics of an ideal woman…


We feel like something is missing.


You see I believe that you may be like me.


We have often been searching for our value and our sense of self through accommodating, helping, pleasing, seeking, or striving, pushing, winning.

This is NOT the way forward for us. 

We missed our REAL power that comes from being feminine, from flow…our ability to receive abundance with ease.


I believe you are finished trying to impress, entice, please or seek approval.


It's not easy or simple. You will stumble and fall along the way. And after a while, you will get back on that road, again. Step by step...You will learn resilience.


You can take care of yourself first and from this nexus of love... it spreads to your loved ones and how you care about the world.


The time has come to embrace our feminine essence, from the way we live to who we are to what we wear.


This is the genesis of my newest company -

Cynthia and Friends.


While I was living in India working with a non profit I had created for children, Cynthia+Friends clothing was born when I least expected it.


One day, sitting on my porch in India, I heard a voice inside my heart, “Design a line of clothing.” I laughed out loud! And talked back, “I don’t know how to design a line of clothing!” All of a sudden visions of clothes began to flood my mind. I started to sketch them on paper with my rudimentary drawing skills.


Two days later while visiting a friend in Bangalore she said, “Let’s go see my friend. I want to see her new place.” “Sure”, I replied.


It was a small clothing factory!


I had said nothing to no one and here I was in a room of people sewing clothing. This time I talked to myself, “Speak up, courage, this is no coincidence.” So, I told them about the voice. And instead of laughing me out the door they encouraged me.


Turns out... I did know how to design a line of clothing! 


Someone once told me, “Cynthia, Your life is not typical or traditional. It's like you are surfing and you keep catching the next wave." She's right and I don't know why my life has always been like this, usually guided by intuition and then jumping off a cliff, scared to pieces. Or sometimes I hear a still small voice inside...I consider it to be divine. In my life this has led me to new countries , new relationships and new businesses. I have no regrets, I know I am a divine creator. Just like you.



I spent the next months back in the U.S. on a creative and philosophical journey playing with textures, colors, shapes, and visions. And taking long walks in nature.


I felt clothes on my skin again and it reminded me of the feel of my favorite clothes as a little girl. The smell of the fabrics under the warm southern sun as I’d sit and play for hours with animals in nature.


I learned to sketch and use Illustrator to draw my designs. I talked to friends about it.


But then something happened …BIG revelations would come. I knew that I was being invited to participate in a movement to bring the value and importance of feminine qualities back into our world. 

I knew I was being asked to usher in a powerful mature femininity that would call up a divine mature masculinity as a response and bring healing to our world. (Yes! I love this line)


The mature feminine that is calm, aware of her environment, aware of Herself and trusting of her instincts. Just like the matriarch leader of a herd of wild horses.


Being a radiant feminine presence is powerful and elevates the world around us. How you clothe yourself can expand that sense of who you really are.


Because I began this as a business that does good from start to finish.

I began this as a business that pulls from true artisans, provides a fair living, pushes sound values, provokes thought, produces profits for nonprofits and protects the earth.


I began this as a business as a response to a call to help heal ourselves and that helps to elevate the entire world around you and it can start with what you wear on your body.


Anchoring your outside to your radiant inside.


I believe it makes a difference.

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