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Inner Goddess



“Cindy is a truly talented artist.  She shared her vision but also created space for me to be completely myself.  The result was better than I could have anticipated.  She captured the essence of me!  She helped me feel safe, empowered, and beautiful.  As a result, my inner self showed through in the photographs.  I gave these as a wedding gift to my husband, but it felt like a gift to both of us.  I couldn’t be happier with the result!” -Deanne A.

"Whether you feel at home in front of the camera, something magical happens when we enter your photography session. After a while you begin to feel at ease and the inner goddess in you shows up. You leave feeling like the amazing woman you are." - Susy Serbandini

Nothing shines like the true inner beauty of every woman. Let your light be seen.

You have something incredibly beautiful in you that illuminates's your soul! And I love to see it. Let us see it! I have been given the gift of allowing the gaze of God to come through my lens, where you will know you are and feel you are truly seen. Let me help you see so you can set that divine quality free. You are amazing!

discover your true beauty

Individual Sessions or Friend/Family Groups available by appointment

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