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Listening for Wisdom

Life always gives us opportunities to make choices and decisions. It gives us situations and things to solve and find resolution. But in today’s world those decisions sometimes get hard.

We have, number one, a lot of self-will. Especially in the age of feeling more and more empowered and informed. Which sometimes can be a good thing and sometimes get in the way. But this keeps us from discerning God’s will. Which, if you think about it, is always perfectly aligned with all time and creation. And is always perfectly loving and for the highest good of all. Even when it may not seem so at the time.

So, if it’s up to me, and it is. I’ll choose God’s will. Because really, I don’t always know what’s best for me. If I just look at some of my choices I will see, sometimes, good ones, sometimes not so much. Things may not always be as they seem, but God sees all. And I don’t mean a big, old dude in the sky. I mean the amazing powerful creative all-loving Spirit.

I can trust that power that made me and made all things.

Now, I just have to get down to listening to Him/Her/It. In this world of lots of information, lots of books, podcasts, tv shows, movies, friends, family, and so on, we hear lots of voices. And opinions and ideas that want to jockey for top spot in our thinking and reasoning. So we sit there and think and think and think we can “figure things out”.

There’s no figuring. Just listening. When we ask other people about our questions we will always hear an answer filtered through their own life experience. Now, I’m not saying that they may not be wise. Just that it is not pure wisdom. It is always colored by their own state of being and emotion that they have experienced or are in now.

So, what can we do? Well, the Holy Spirit, Sophia, the voice of Wisdom of God, has been poured out into us. It was promised and is with us. God’s voice can be found within us. And it wants to help us. Wants to answer our questions. We may not always love the answers at first. I’ll admit, sometimes they are hard. But I see that they are always what is best for me and all concerned if I can trust enough to act upon it.

We just have to get past all of the other voices in our thoughts that are left over memories of what everyone else has said. Whether they be from the world of information or from loved ones, they stick with us and cloud our hearing.

When you will take the time to go sit somewhere a while and breathe, especially if it’s with an expanse of nature, you will eventually hear the still, quiet voice of God. And it will be a solution, wisdom, that is just right for you and your situation. Not the leftovers of someone else’s life or experiences.

Just trust that you can have this access to God and believe that you will hear Her voice. Then get quiet and when you hear a quiet answer (God doesn’t really scream…that’d be your ego my dear). Ask gently, “Are you the voice of the Holy Spirit?” If it says yes then trust and go with that answer, even if it doesn’t make sense to you.

This way you will begin to truly fly and be free, soaring on the wings of the Holy Spirit.

God bless you.

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